rTist.tv was founded on the fundamental idea of connection and collaboration. rTist.tv allows artists such as dancers, musicians, filmmakers to come together and work under one unified platform to create beautiful and inspiring works and share with their audience. rTist.tv is truly a platform made by the the artists for the artists to help them reach large audiences through all the digital channels across mobile, web and streaming platforms.

our difference

IDEA and partner

Our core capability is to create videos and partner with artists who create content that can make a difference and create an impact at the same time. it takes an idea to get started. we craft ideas that have the propensity to send a message to the audience.


With our strong background in digital marketing strategy, we develop an optimal marketing mix to launch and monetize the short form video on all the online channels. we use state of the art video publishing tools that delivers video on all the devices, platforms and formats to audiences. We apply native advertising techniques to blend the monetization capabilities with the natural form and function of the viewing experience.


Since the consumers engage with the content through various end points and channel. We use web and video analytics to understand and how they are consuming the content. Then, WE determine the optimal mix to run campaigns and grow the audience resulting in the increased views for the video.